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Brennan is behind the witch hunts of investigative journalists learning
information from inside the beltway sources.

Note — There is specific tasker from the WH to go after anyone printing
materials negative to the Obama agenda (oh my.) Even the FBI is
shocked. The Wonder Boys must be in meltdown mode…

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INSIGHT – Guatemala – Zetas in Guatemala, USG Response to Peten Siege – US709

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The Zs are busy there – don’t know the exact character of their ops but
the military in ES just stopped some corrupt non-coms stealing 800 hand
grenades and 40mm rounds. The crooks told DEA the grenades were destined
for Zetas in Guat and they have supplied as many as 1000 grenades (total –
hand grenades and 40mm) to the Zs in three previous transactions since
2009. They were getting $40 per grenade split between 3 crooks.

On another ES/Guat note, two Guatemalan Kaibiles were arrested here two
weeks ago carrying a kilo of heroin. The government of El Salvador was
trying to send these two worthies to the US based on an INTERPOL red
notice but were stopped by a low level judge who declared the red notice

The PNC here rearrested the two mutts but were stymied again and the last
word is they will be returned to Guatemala in a diplomatic vehicle. The
whole point of the story is these two creeps are known to have worked at
Kaibil camp training Zetas, per the DEA country attache here.

Neither story has gotten very much press but both positively indicate
Guatemala/El Salvador/Zeta connection.

There is another link that just came up yesterday but I cannot share it
here –

I’ll ask who the current boss is in G

FYI see the email below relating to our official response to the new state
of siege in Peten.

Begin Email Text —

NAS: At the request of the Minister of Defense (MOD), NAS is sending 4
helos, 5 mechanics, and 9 pilots to Peten; the pilots and crew will stay
on-base to ensure their security. (One pilot will serve as a liaison, to
get quick mission authorization from NAS, since NAS needs to ensure that
the missions meet USG security standards.) The MOD will work with the NAS
pilots to develop operational flight plans. By Thursday, NAS should have
1 additional helo available for missions.

Four years ago, NAS was going to support the creation of a Model Police
Precinct in Peten. GoG eliminated the Vice Minister for Peten position,
and the plan didn’t go forward, but there are still 14 PNC-vetted officers
and 2 investigators there. NAS is in touch with them and could arrange
for some more vetted officers to go there to support them, including
additional investigators and a community-relations officer to receive
calls from the public with tips.

While NAS is able to help some with transportation, if Pres. Colom wants
to implement a State of Siege, the PNC and military will need to think
about the resources they have available, including PNC vehicles that have
not yet been properly registered. They also need to plan on gathering
appropriate intelligence before acting, in order to make any PNC/military
operations more effective. It would be unfortunate if the Peten “State
of Siege” resulted in arrests that were later thrown out of court for a
lack of evidence, as happened in Coban. The Attorney General is sending
an additional 10 prosecutors to Peten in the NAS helos. The helos also
will carry NAS pilots, mechanics, equipment and Col. Orona.

DAO/MilGroup: No request from the MOD yet. Col. Orona can draw on an
$18,000 SOuthCom credit card for equipment needed to deal with emergency
situations. The State of Siege would count as such an emergency

SouthCom and Dr. Flores also can help with a public information campaign.

U.S. military special forces advisors (ODA team) and/or Navy SEALS cannot
advise/assist the GOG while they are in an operation. They can only train
or at most help in the planning stage.

NGA can provide unclassified imagery. DAO/MilGroup also can obtain other
imagery from NGA and may be able to provide it to the GOG.

DEA has not been asked for specific support yet, aside from their usual
daily liaison. The MP has been consulting with DEA on the plans for the
additional prosecutors in Peten.

FBI can offer general forensic support (i.e., fingerprints of arrested
subjects or for corpse identification), and will canvas area sources for
information and report.

ATF will provide forensic support related to firearms and/or explosive
materials recovered by the GOG.

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