[alpha] INSIGHT – Mexico – Men executed by Sinaloa – US711 ***VERY GRAPHIC PHOTOS***

Released on 2013-02-13 00:00 GMT

Email-ID 5029764
Date 2011-09-26 21:01:22
From marc.lanthemann@stratfor.com
To alpha@stratfor.com
Source Code: US711
SOURCE DESCRIPTION: US Law enforcement Agent with Border Liaison
ITEM CREDIBILITY: C (personal commentary)


Greetings friends! Below is something I sent out to my contacts down in
Mexico. Just looking for a reaction. This was a YouTube video that I
found. Not sure when this execution occurred, but it was shameful. See
the information below. Remember the last photo is graphic. Stop at the
bottom of the information I wrote below if you do not like graphic
things. There is a great message in the writing.

The two men below in the photos were recently executed by alleged Joaquin
“El Chapo” Guzman and the Sinaloa Cartel according to an open source.
There is a video of the execution that I have not and will not attached.
The video is extremely graphic. These two men are nephew and uncle. The
man on the right is the uncle. The uncle was identified as Barnabas GAMEZ
Castro. The Nephew, on the left, was identified as Felix GAMEZ Garcia.
Felix admitted in the video that they were drug couriers and lookouts for
the Sinaloa Cartel. He said they worked directly for Joaquin “El Chapo”
Guzman, the alleged head of the Sinaloa Cartel. He said in the video that
they smuggled drugs into the United States for El Chapo and they were paid
$300 Mx Pesos (about $21.00) per load. They allegedly lost a loan of
drugs. Their punishment for losing that load of narcotics was death and
in the most horrific way. It is believed that their execution was
captured on video to show the others in the organization what will happen
to them if they lose a load of Joaquin ” El Chapo” Guzman’s merchandise
(Narcotics). I am starting to believe that the drug trade is like
everything else in life. Those at the top get richer and those at the
bottom get screwed. The fact is these guys got screwed in the worst way.
Look what $300 Mx Pesos got these two men; dead! Was the job and its risk
worth it?

In the video, as the men sat against a wall. They look somber, beaten
down mentally, with no hope for a future, all dreams for a better life
gone and they appeared to have accepted their faith of death. I got the
impression watching the video that they may have been heavily drugged,
which may have been the best humane thing for them. They just stared out
into space with no emotion or pleading for their lives. They answered all
of the questions asked knowing whatever they said would not spare their
lives; execution was their fate; death was coming.

These men may have made poor decisions and associated with the evils of
the drug trade, but they are still fellow human beings. No human being
deserve to die like they did. No animal either. This is a part of Mexico
that cannot be real and definitely does not reflex the majority of the
people of Mexico. I have had people here in Texas say this is Mexico,
i.e., this is how everyone is down there. This is why we need to build a
wall to keep all of those Mexican people out of the USA. Everyone is a
cartel member down there. Of course this is not true. The sad thing is
all of the good in Mexico is not being publicized. Just the bad. People
tend to judge people on the negative things they see and hear about those
people and not the positive. This is true for all people. There is so
much more positive things to Mexico that could be publicized than just
this, but this is what we all see and hear about. People are building
their beliefs about the People of Mexico on the negative things they see
and hear. The country is judged base on the evils of a few. There are
other countries where the masses are judged by the evils of a few.

The killers, who are alleged to be members of the paramilitary wing of the
Sinaloa and assassins, are seen in the video as approaching their intended
duty of brutally killing these men with no remorse or respect. They even
appeared to be enjoying their job. I do not know how a man can enjoy
killing another man.

In the video the uncle, Barnabas, said as a warning to those who are in
the drug trade or wanting to join the drug trade to think about it and do
not finger anyone (be a rat or informant). He said it was no fun being
in his situation. I heard that and I felt they may also have been accused
of informing on someone in the organization. The entire video was in
Spanish and I admit, my Spanish is nowhere near perfect, and I could have
misunderstood some things. But I saw the execution on video. I cannot
misunderstand that.

After all of the questions ended, the paramilitary person in the photo on
the right with the chain saw approached the uncle on the right first. As
he placed the chain saw against the uncle’s neck, starting from left to
right in the photo, the uncle just stared out into space. There was no
crying or pleading for his life. He just stared. The assassin cut off
the uncle’s head and his body fell into the lap of the nephew. The entire
time the uncle just stared with no emotion as the chain saw went through
his neck. There was no reaction from the nephew setting on the left. A
second guy approach and sawed off the head of the nephew with a butcher’s
knife through the neck. As the assassin started sawing on the neck of the
nephew on the left he continued to stare out in to space. He tried to cry
out, but it appeared that his vocal cords had already be severed and he
could not.

If seeing graphic photos disturb you, I would end now as the last
photograph below is graphic. I would scroll down no further. These men
died of a horrifying death. Does a human being deserve to die this way.
And for what? A $300 Mx Pesos ($21.00 USD) job? It kind of shows one
that life has no value within these TCOs. Life has no value in the drug
trade at all, whether trafficker, distributor or user. Drugs totally
destroys life. I wonder how much the assassins got paid. I have to
research this. Somehow this should demonstrate to everyone that death is
the only way out of a cartel. For those who use and get hooked on drugs,
death appears to the only way to become unhooked. It should further
demonstrate that with all of the billions of dollars floating around in
the drug trade in profits, only a few will earn it while the masses in the
trade will get paid peanuts before they die just as poor as they were when
they started in the trade. In the video I saw, the nephew said they
entered the drug trade to get rich. All they got was dead. To my friends
who are teachers, this is something your students should be made aware

Stop here if graphic photos bother you.



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