Re: [alpha] INSIGHT – MEXICO – Iranian plot and Mexican “cooperation” with US – N/A

Released on 2013-02-13 00:00 GMT

Email-ID 5072197
Date 2011-10-14 21:45:42

I don’t know about the other cooperation stuff, but Arbabsiar entered
Mexico at least 3 times prior to getting denied.

What changed that last time other than US notification?


From: Marc Lanthemann <>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 14:43:37 -0500 (CDT)
To: Alpha List<>
ReplyTo: Alpha List <>
Subject: [alpha] INSIGHT – MEXICO – Iranian plot and Mexican “cooperation”
with US – N/A
Not yet assigned source code. Individual is former federal-level law
enforcement official for Mexican government.

Just a comment about the article published today regarding the alleged
iranian plot.

I am a firm believer that mexican drug cartels don`t have any dealings
with foreign terrorist groups. They will not risk their main business to
become international terrorists. Besides, muslims and mexicans don`t mix
very well.

As you well know, Mexico keeps an immigration alert database containing
information related to international fugitives and suspects of other
crimes like terrorism.

Every day mexican immigration authorities encounter subjects on the alert
system who are not allowed to enter Mexico and are sent back to the point
of origin of their trip, notifying the recipient authorities.

That is exactly what happened with Manssor Arbabsiar. He was denied entry
and sent back to the US where he was arrested.

What is being said about the “cooperation” from the mexican government to
avoid the plot makes me laugh. The only cooperation was that we caught
Arbabsiar at the mexican airport and sent him back to the US just on the
fact that he was on the aforementioned alert.

The cooperation and communication between Mexico and the US is on it`s
lowest level.

You know that Mexico is not fully cooperating with the US since the
“wikileaks” reports showing that your Ambassador Carlos Pascual was
sending messages with “derogatory” information about mexican
authoritiesand after the “Fast and Furious Operation”.

Those incidents caused a fracture on the bi-lateral relation, mainly in
the mexican side.

Mexico now is keeping a lid on open communication with the US with the
only exception when Mexico has a benefit (like the Merida Plan).

It`s a shame that things are not as they were before.

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